All Aboard For Bookings


A local staple in Temecula, CA, the Jolly Trolley has taken guests to local wineries since 2006. In 2020, Jared Broach of Eat, Drink, and Scare Tours acquired the company and began his journey in the wine tourism sector, offering guests a unique winery experience aboard a fully restored and historic cable car from San Francisco. The current marketing efforts and website of the Temecula Jolley Trolley had only been print advertising, a website with no online booking capabilities, and thousands of ad spend in Google Ads with no analytics tracking set up. In March 2020, Jared partnered with AAMP Agency and started his next venture, Cable Car Wine Tours. Our team was tasked with the following: a custom website, branding a new business, establishing an online brand presence, creating effective paid advertising efforts, and much more. Over the years, AAMP Agency has implemented various proven marketing strategies, including a social media campaign that yielded an incredible return on ad spend!

Here’s how we used our expertise to help establish Cable Car Wine Tours, implement a highly successful campaign, and help set them up for growth for many years to come.

Getting On The Right Track

As the first location of Cable Car Wine Tours was being established, AAMP Agency CEO Steve Edwards provided consultation services to the operator and assisted with market research. During this time, our designers conceptualized an entirely new brand from scratch while continuing to pay homage to the Temecula Jolly Trolley. With a new tour operation, the biggest challenge is establishing an online presence and gaining brand trust, so AAMP set to work and tackled the problem. This included new branding and logos, a fully customized website, and effective paid and organic campaigns.

Our First Stop

Once we had set up our initial branding, our first initiative was launching a fully optimized website and our initial marketing campaigns. Over the next few months, our team of experts watched performance closely to track, adjust, and optimize all digital marketing efforts - from the website to organic social media campaigns.



Launch a fully custom, high-ranking website with mobile optimization within 60 Days


Create a recognizable brand identity


Create a seamless design that allows for easy purchases and includes an optimized booking flow



Increase website traffic and online bookings


Establish brand identity & trust amongst their audience


Set up & implement proper tracking measures to ensure accurate reporting


Achieve a consistent return on ad spend of over 3x

Cheers To Successful Strategies

Having set clear intentions, all we had to do was execute, monitor, and scale. Over the next few months after our initial launch, the AAMP Agency team created various campaigns to reach the goal of establishing the brand and continuing to increase Cable Car Wine Tours bookings. One campaign was astonishingly successful, achieving an ROAs of 43.6x! This was accomplished by executing multi-step retargeting and a top-of-funnel campaign targeting in-market consumers. One of the key factors in the success of this campaign was the offer Cable Car Wine Tours could provide its customers. Instead of the standard 10% or 20% off many tour operators offer to abandoned checkouts, Cable Car Wine Tours took a different route (pun intended). With each booking, they provided a free gift, ultimately adding more value to the booking. Customers are often jaded about discount codes, so an added-value product stops scrolling and encourages them to book. AAMP Agency paired the offer with eye-catching motion graphics and designs, resulting in one of Cable Car Wine Tours' most successful campaigns!



Implement Google Ads campaigns focused on engaging both in-market and out-of-market consumers


Executed a multi-step remarketing and top-of-funnel campaign on social media to engage non-converting site visitors and in-market shoppers, yielding an ROAs of 43.6x


Closely monitored ad performance and scale efforts to provide a consistent total ROAs of 6.75x.



Launched a fully-customized and mobile-optimized website


Conducted thorough SEO research and on-page optimization to ensure first-page ranking on search engines


Deliver an intentional and cohesive user experience for customers, strengthening brand identity and increasing online bookings


Here’s a look at the transformations we were able to achieve.


Since our partnership in 2020, AAMP Agency has executed and scaled various multi-faceted and targeted campaigns. Because of our efforts, we have consistently achieved a total of:

6.75x ROAs


In 2021, AAMP executed a limited-time offer campaign to engage site visitors and in-market consumers. AAMP Agency was able to achieve an incredible result:

43.6x ROAs


We've witnessed remarkable success since our partnership with Jared Broach and the launch of Cable Car Wine Tours in Temecula, CA. Our marketing strategies have consistently delivered impressive results, with ROAs of over 3x on Google Ads and an astonishing 10x on social media ads (over 13x total return on ad spend). Notably, in 2021, a limited-time social media campaign achieved an outstanding ROAs of 43.6x. As a result of our proven strategies and dedication, Cable Car Wine Tours has flourished in Temecula and continued to expand to sought-after wine destinations like Fredericksburg, TX, and Napa Valley, CA, solidifying its presence in the wine tourism sector.




We at Thunderstruck Adventures owe so much of our rapid growth and success to the team over at AAMP Agency. We have had an incredible overall journey working with AAMP on all sides of the marketing/website design side of our business.

Thunderstruck Adventures was founded in the winter of 2019/2020. As we all know, COVID hit hard in the spring of 2020. Our business was shutdown early and the future was so unclear. AAMP was a newer company at this time as well and reached out to us in the summer of 2020. As a newer business, we easily could have made the excuse that we “couldn’t afford” AAMP’s services. The truth was, we probably couldn’t afford them at the time if we looked at it any other way than “how can we afford not to?” and “what are we losing by NOT making this investment?”. While it was scary at fist making the commitment and believing that they could really add the value that they claim they could, they went above and beyond our expectations.

So upon our initial review, things were all over the place and messy to say the least.  It was important we establish a baseline and make sure all the tracking was properly setup for both GA4 as well as call tracking from the start.  Upon launch we were gonna have to use the clients existing website as the AAMP site was still going to be in build.  We did a complete restructuring of its ad campaigns and strategy to engage both in market and out of market shoppers.  We also put together a multi step remarketing and Top Of Funnel campaign to engage non converting site visitors as well as potential shopers in market.  And we tracked everything!!.  We watched spend and performance of the ads closely as we established a baseline and once we were able to sere the booking start coming in, we were able  to start scaling spend the ad spend. At the same time, we made a hard push on our web team to turn around a new mobile optimized website that retained the clients exisiting SEO performance but delivered a much smoother and cohesive shoping experience for site visitors.  We launched this new site in record time of only 40 days from onboarding to launch.  

Upon the new site going live we were able to double down our efforts on our already well performing campaigns and put some fuel to the fire. In years past the client had been spending $500-1000 a day in google ads and acheiving less than a 3x return on ads. We knew we could deliver much better results with our strategy in place and this new website. And needless to say we crushed it. In 2022, the client spent over 300k in ads to generate 450k in bookings. In 2023 we spent 126k in spend and acheived 834k in revenue generated from ads. And this happened during a down year when other operators were struggling and were down 30% over last year.