Destiny Water Adventures


Destiny Water Adventures


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• Consistent Google Ads Return on Ad Spend of Over 8x
• Achieved a 10.76x Return on Ad Spend on Social Media
• 109% Increase in Google Ads & 197% Increase in Social Media ROAS

Client Background

Destiny Water Adventures has been a staple in the Fort Walton Beach & Destin, FL, area since the early 2000s. Offering a wide variety of watersport rentals and tours, paired with a convenient location, Destiny Water Adventures is a hub for Crab Island and Florida beach excursions. When this client partnered with AAMP Agency in 2020, they came to us with a problem - how do they track conversions properly and solve the lack of luster return on ad spend? Our dedicated team of experts has created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that has delivered numerous seasons of success by achieving ROAs of over 8x on Google Ads and 10.76x on social media.

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