Red Jeep Tours


Red Jeep Tours


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• Consistent Google Ads Return on Ad Spend of Over 10x
• Achieved a 14.26x Return on Ad Spend on Facebook Ads
• 109% Increase in Google Ads & 197% Increase in Social Media ROAS

Client Background

Since 1988, Red Jeep Tours has been a prominent destination and tour operator near Palm Springs. Guests climb aboard open-air CJ Scrambler Jeeps and explore the wonders of the Palm Desert, such as the San Andreas Fault Zone, Indian Canyons Oasis, Joshua Tree National Park, and more. At the end of the summer of 2020, Red Jeep Tours began its partnership with AAMP Agency to modernize their marketing efforts. Red Jeep Tours had recognized that when done right, their website could be an effective hub for online bookings and that it was time for them to embrace the world of digital marketing fully. AAMP Agency experts have created a fully customized website for easy online bookings, and launched paid advertising efforts that have achieved ROAs of over 10x on Google and 14.26x on social media.

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